Kingston Fencing Club Competitions Competition Results 2021

Competition Results 2021

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Competition Results 2021

01-Aug-2021Guilford international VeteranMSNick Fletcher1st
MSEmmanuel Therond2nd
MSCeri Thomas3rd
01-Aug-2021Guilford international VeteranMSRichard Barnes2nd
29-Aug-2021RAF OpenMSGeorge Suddards2nd
19-Sept-2021Saint Alban TournamentMSTony Baston Hall3rd
MFMuhill Mustapha3rd
26-Sept-2021Winton Cup VeteranMSNick Fletcher Alex Ellison Emmanuel Therond1st
26-Sept-2021Winton Cup VeteranMSCeri Thomas Richard Barnes Tony Baston Hall3rd
24-Oct-2021London IntermediateMFRichard Barnes1st
31-Oct-2021British Veteran ChampionshipsMSEmmanuel Therond1st Cat 2 3rd All Cat
21-Nov-2021Welsh OpenMSGeorge Suddards1st

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