News - Fri 22 Nov 2013 - In Honour Of Roger Barnes

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Salle Joseph Open Evening

On Friday 22nd November 2013, Salle Joseph will be holding an "open" evening and we are extending a warm invitation to all fencers from the local Surrey clubs to join with current and ex-members of the salle for a session's fencing.

During the course of the proceedings we shall be making the posthumous presentation of the Salle's Hebden Cup, awarded this year to the late, and much regarded, Roger Barnes.

For those not familiar with the history of The Hebden Cup, it is awarded to individuals adjudged have made a significant contribution to the sport of Fencing. Since the Cup's institution in 1992 it has been presented to sixteen individuals but only on one other occasion has it been awarded posthumously.

Roger's untimely death earlier in the year saddened everyone in fencing, at every level, including the Salle's members past and present; he had always been an honorary member of the Salle and would have joined us long ago had his loyalties not lain elsewhere.

An evening's fencing by his friends and admirers would have greatly pleased him and that it the objective to which I have set my sights. Do come along if you can.

Best regards,

Joe Gibbons, Salle Joseph President

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